More About Henry

Henry is great at many things. He was one of the first in his class to write out the entire alphabet from memory. He can count from 1 to 100 with his eyes closed. He even once scored a goal playing soccer (despite the fact that it bounced off Eugene Brown’s legs to get there).

However the number one thing Henry is best at, is seeing the secret world all around him.

His parents call this his imagination, but they can’t see the secret world, so of course that’s what they’d think.

The secret world reveals who people really are. For instance, Henry knows that his little sister is really a ninja spy. His grandmother is really a kissing monster that likes to slobber him every time she visits. He also knows that the neighbour’s dog can really understand him, but she isn’t allowed to talk back, otherwise all the adults would know dogs can talk.

The secret world also reveals what things really are. For example, Henry knows that sometimes in the middle of the night, his house becomes a rocket ship and flies about the stars. His treehouse is really a tower that sits high in the mountains. Even his bedroom is really a workshop filled with the most wonderful inventions.

Henry enjoys playing in the secret world with his friends at school.

Once, during recess, Henry and five of his friends became superheros. Each of them had their own secret powers, which was lucky, because one of the teachers was really an ogre that was trying to get them. Susan could fly, so she kept watch while Adrian, Michael, Charlotte, Jet and Henry snuck closer to her when her back was turned. No one could believe it when Henry shot an invisible arrow at the tree above the ogres head. At that very moment, a pine-cone fell from the tree and bopped poor Mrs Crover on the head.

Henry’s friends had all looked at him amazed, but Henry wasn’t shocked at all. Sometimes the secret world drips into the real one. In fact the more time one spends in the secret world, the more often things like that seem to happen.

Yes, Henry enjoys the secret world. He hopes that as he gets older, he will still be able to enjoy it. He has heard stories that when you grow up, you can’t see the secret world anymore. It disappears forever. However Henry has also heard that there is one exception – children’s writers. When he grows up, perhaps this is what he will be.

His parents don’t think this is a real job, but they don’t remember the excitement of the secret world, so of course that’s what they’d think.

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