More About Jet

Master Jet loves three things.

Firstly, he loves his parents. His father works all day on their small farm while his mother writes mystery novels in their sun-filled attic. Jet loves the fact that both of them are all too happy to stop their work and play with him when he asks. In turn, Jet tries his best to help out around the house.

Secondly, Jet loves his friends. As great as it is to play with your parents, playing with your friends is always just a little more exciting. Jet and his friends play the most exciting games. He likes to divide these games into two categories: Big play; and little play. Big play is when he and his friends pretend to be spies or superheroes or soldiers. Little play is when he and his friends play together with smaller objects like cars, figurines or toy-soldiers.

Thirdly, Jet loves his home. Living on a farm sure lends itself well to playing. There are always different animals to spy on or speak to. There are meadows, and glades to explore. And there are real-life adventures around every corner. Jet could spend an entire day wandering around the farm and letting his imagination run as wild as the long grass and gnarled trees that surround the large wooden house.

Unfortunately, Master Jet doesn’t like three things.

Firstly, he doesn’t like radishes. He doesn’t understand why his father keeps planting them every year. He certainly doesn’t understand why his mother keeps giving them to him at lunch and dinner time. How could anyone like them? They taste like peppery cardboard that’s been left to soak in the river.

Secondly, he doesn’t much like cleaning out the stables. He loves the horses his father keeps, but it’s a lot of work keeping the stables in order. When he gets older he will invent something that cleans the stables automatically. He’s not sure why someone hasn’t invented anything like this yet. It seems so useful.

Thirdly, and quite possibly the thing that Jet likes the least, is homework. Jet knows that homework can help him learn, but it never seems as exciting as playing and using his imagination. Often he will try his best to finish his homework but when he sits down at his desk, generally all he can think about is playing. It probably doesn’t help that his desk is beside a large window that looks out over the most beautiful landscape.

Yes, it’s during these times – and only these times – that Jet would do anything to skip his homework. Even if it means eating a bowl of radishes.

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