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They do not believe me! For what purpose was I assigned this infernal task, if my reports are scorned or distrusted!

It has been three long months since I first arrived in Silmar, the small northern village bordering the Darklands. Notwithstanding local suspicion, I have yet been able to glean useful information from tavern regulars and children lured by simple bribes. Everything I have learned only strengthens my earlier theories – a growing threat is massing and it remains likely this threat finds its fire in Enlil.

It has been most difficult to investigate this threat first-hand. I have marked on the enclosed map a narrow pass in the Darklands, only a day’s travel from the village. This, I believe, would be an advantageous area for the rebels to hold, as it would provide them strength in defence, and is one of the few mountain passes should their armies cross the border in these parts.

I really do not wish to go! I mean to say, that you of all people know the danger one faces when confronting a battlemage – let alone an army of them. Yet my hand has been forced!

If I am right, will my death be a catalyst for action? I am not hopeful, yet what more can I do?

Surely the conclusions in my reports are not at variance with others investigating rumours across our vast border. Only the other day did I hear an outsider had been slain at a village just three days’ ride from here. Was this another agent? Does this not tell you that something grave is at hand?

Rylar, I know you still have some weight with the Council. Should this be my last letter, please make them see reason! By abandoning the Darklands, they have only handed reprieve to the enemy. Do they think the Order of Enlil will forget? Do they think they will forgive?

I must go. Remaining in this village is no longer safe, although I fear the path I am about to tread will not lead me to reprieve. Please take care of Lissia. Tell her I love her, and should I not return, tell her that I died well in the service of our Order.

I will uphold my vows. May the Council uphold their duty!

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