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Written by B.C.R. Fegan


Lucy loved to play outside. She loved the feeling of the grass between her toes. She loved the warm sunshine on her face. She also loved to watch old Mrs Obo through a small hole in the backyard fence.

Lucy had a problem. Old Mrs Obo always seemed so lonely. She must not have known that there was a whole family next door to play with.

But Lucy had a plan. Today, she would find a way to let her know.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo walked outside and stretched in the sun. She rattled the fence as hard as she could, but old Mrs Obo didn’t hear.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo leaned against the door frame. She told Sniffles, the family cat to ask if old Mrs Obo would like to play, but the cat jumped onto the fence and walked the other way.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo sat down with a hot drink. She told a nearby bird to invite old Mrs Obo to come over, but the bird was afraid of the cat.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo began weeding her garden. She ran to tell Mommy that she should speak with old Mrs Obo, but Mommy gave Lucy a piece of fruit instead.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo began tending to her flowers. She ran to tell Henry that he should convince old Mrs Obo to play with both of them, but Henry was hidden high in his treehouse.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo walked to her mailbox. Lucy quickly painted old Mrs Obo a colorful letter, but instead of posting it, Mommy placed it on the window-sill to dry.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo walked back to her house. Lucy was ready with a soft red ball, but no matter how hard she threw it, it just wouldn’t make it over the fence.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo began watering her lawn. Lucy used her favorite spade to try and dig under the fence, but the dirt was much too hard.

Lucy watched and waited until old Mrs Obo sat back down, this time with a cold drink. Lucy picked up two fallen branches filled with leaves. Lucy tried flapping them quickly so she could fly over to her, but no matter how hard she flapped, she couldn’t get high enough.

Lucy sat down. She was thirsty and exhausted. It was hard work trying to get someone’s attention.

She ran over to the tap to get herself a drink.


Lucy hadn’t noticed the tap was connected to the hose. It splashed water everywhere.

It splashed the fence and the cat and the bird.

It splashed Mommy and Henry and the letter.

It splashed the ball and the dirt and the leafy wings.

And it splashed poor old Mrs Obo!

Mommy turned the tap off, and Lucy looked around. Everything was dripping with water.

Suddenly a shadow appeared at the fence. Lucy turned around and saw old Mrs Obo peering at her. Her hair was wet, her face was wet and Lucy could only imagine that her clothes were wet too. She felt terrible.

“I’m so sorry. You must be quite upset.” Mommy walked over to old Mrs Obo.

“Upset?” old Mrs Obo looked back at Mommy. “I’m very upset.” She suddenly grinned and brought her own hose up to the fence.

“I’m upset that this cute little troublemaker has managed to wet everything but herself.”

With that, she gave Lucy a quick spray.

Lucy was delighted. She giggled and ran about while old Mrs Obo tried to spray her again and again.

She had done it! She had finally gotten old Mrs Obo’s attention. Now that she knew there was a family next door, she never had to be lonely again.

After having a wonderfully wet morning, Mommy called Lucy in for lunch. Lucy said goodbye to old Mrs Obo and ran inside. She was already looking forward to the afternoon.

On the opposite side of the yard lived rich Mr Puttermouth…

And Lucy knew exactly how to get his attention.

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