Written by B.C.R. Fegan


“It isn’t fair,” said letter K
“I’m not unique at all.
I think that if I ran away
The alphabet won’t fall

What exactly do I do
That C can’t do as well?
Can I make a single word
That C can’t also spell?

With my K I spell out King
But Cing would work the same.
It might look odd, but here’s the thing
The same sound would remain

So kite and kitten, kit and kind
Could all begin with C
And once it happens, you will find
There’s no room left for me.

But what about those special words
Like knife and knave and know?
Would you even notice though
Should I decide to go?

And maybe I should take my friend
The joyful letter J.
For with the G, he must contend
We’ll both just run away.

And now I’m thinking more on it
I should invite the X.
His case is really special
For his sound is quite complex.

By himself, he’s (E), C, S
But when he’s in a word,
His Z sound really makes a mess
As no doubt you have heard.

So yes, the three of us will leave.
It’s time to run away
And leave the alphabet to grieve
The X, the J, the K.

But wait, perhaps I have it wrong.
Perhaps I’m useful still.
Perhaps it’s not just how it sounds
But how it looks as well.

Of course – that’s it!
I get it now, you can’t just have a Cing.
That C could never just replace
The regal form I bring.

For kite and kitten, kit and kind
A C you can’t assign.
He makes them all look plain indeed
But I, I make them shine.

As for knife and knave and know
I may not make a sound
But standing tall in front of all
Each word by me is crowned.

So no, I won’t go anywhere.
I really think I’ll stay.
But I’ll sure miss the X and J
the day they run away.”

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