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The magical Hotel of Hoo is a mysterious place with some very unusual occupants. As our guests explore the strange hotel, they are invited to experience everything it has to offer with just one warning…

Door 32 Book Title


Available March 2018


Door 32 Cover

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I want my books to consist of 3 things:

Ambience, Imagination and Mastery

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Titch is an itch who just wants to be wanted.


When Titch discovers that no one in his family wants him, he sets off on a journey to find someone – anyone – who would be willing to live with an itch. With every step he grows less hopeful. That is, until he meets an old friend.


Titch the Itch Cover

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A writer wields a pen like an artist holds a paintbrush. With each stroke, worlds are created, minds expanded, emotions heightened and beauty beheld. In the hands of a master, writing can grip the heart and envelope the mind like any piece of music or motion picture. Sentences hold such humble power. Laying on a page and calling out to no-one. Yet to those who choose to read them, like magic they can release upon the mind such inspiration, that they would change a person completely. This is the power of words.

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The Second Expedition

Field Report – When I first set out on this expedition, there was an energy in the air. It was the sort of energy that you see when you notice the pine trees high above you swaying in the breeze. The sort that you smell as the fresh mountain air swirls...

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The literary frontier is a truly beautiful place. I almost feel sorry for writers trapped in the familiar territories of the Five Kingdoms, but then I remember how much work in takes to make it out here. I have spent considerable time on the enhancements...

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Life is not easy for the village-folk in the province of Oakvale. Keeping warm, dry and having enough to eat can be a full-time job by itself. In the village of Hay, no one knows this more than the beautiful but incredibly poor Bella. Ever since she was a...

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