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The literary frontier is a truly beautiful place. I almost feel sorry for writers trapped in the familiar territories of the Five Kingdoms, but then I remember how much work in takes to make it out here.

I have spent considerable time on the enhancements of my base camp. It has been hard labour, but immeasurably rewarding. Allow me to give you the tour:

First, you will notice near the entrance of the camp, I have built the basic structure of a publishing house. To my delight, I had the fortune of meeting a number of literary merchants on my last expedition and I now have an editor, illustrator and designer who have agreed to stop by the camp each week to work on books being produced here.

Secondly, I have crafted a small but strong keep at the camp’s centre. This building will essentially serve as the core for that necessary tool known as the author platform. It currently consists of an author website and few key social media channels. In time, I will use this dwelling to plot better strategies, chart better courses for future expeditions, and perhaps most importantly – reach out to those interested in my literary undertakings. For now, I must be content to attend these matters when time permits.

Thirdly, I have built a marketing barracks, equipped with all manner of weapons and armour. If there is one aspect to the last expedition I can learn from, it is this: One must be prepared to defend themselves from marketing prospects that offer much but produce little, while remaining ready to attack the right targets with power and precision.

Fourthly, I have cleared a small patch of land on a rise further up the mountain. The view from up there is incredible, so it makes an excellent refuge for working on my literary projects. When I have more time, I will set to work building a proper writing-house. I am a firm believer that the right environment can elevate a writer’s mind, so I will take care in building something that compliments the space.

Finally, I have almost finished building a defensive perimeter around the camp. This high wall serves two purposes. Firstly, it is built strong to ward off the creatures that roam these lands. This includes the goblins of unhelpful advice, the trolls of mischievous intentions, and of course the ogres of ineffective strategies. The wall is also built high so that I may remain watchful over the shifting landscape of literary intelligence. Challenges, opportunities and new threats are always presenting themselves out here, and the more forewarning I have, the better equipped to deal with these changes I will be.

Over time, these structures will continue to be enhanced, but for now they are sufficient to maintain this outpost in the wild lands. And just in time too, as I have recently completed a new children’s picture book. So, I must once again pack supplies and prepare to leave the comfort of the camp. Tomorrow a new expedition begins.

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