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Base Camp



After weeks of travel, I have chanced upon a glade in the high mountains and can go no more. The path now before me has become too dangerous.

Far below, I have spied fellow travellers attempting to navigate this infernal territory, and all but a few are finding the passage impossible. I have witnessed some fall into oblivion, but most have turned back.

It is for this reason that I must halt my journey and establish a base camp. Nothing can be left to chance, and everything that can be done, must be done to the highest of standards. Only then will I have a fighting chance of navigating these treacherous lands.

This camp must be strong. It must serve as an outpost for any further expeditions into the wild lands. A place to write and gather the talent for all aspects of publishing. In time, it may also provide lodging for other travellers, or at the least offer supplies and advice.

I must build the camp quickly. Night is falling, and there is much work to be done.

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