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With the fire now burning brightly in my newly established base-camp, I thought I might take a moment to rest. It is peaceful right now. Serene. Although it is the sort of serenity that carries an ominous note.

There is a storm coming and I must prepare for it. Publishing a high quality book is no easy feat. I must find the right editors, illustrators, designers and printers. I must refine my drafts and perfect each sentence. I must build the base-camp, seek out guides, and prepare myself for the very first expedition. This will no doubt be a most difficult journey. Yet, this undertaking is unavoidable.

For now though, I will ignore the gathering clouds. For now, I will be content to stare into the flames and watch as the firelight dances upon the crude wooden structures of the camp. And while in this moment, as we share the fire, allow me to share with you also, the book that is to come.

It is a simple tale, but powerful I think. This tale begins in a small village that sits beside a dark forest. Dan, the hero of our story is an optimistic, young inventor who suffers the unfortunate trait of being clumsy. Working day and night on his inventions, he hopes that his efforts might gain the attention of Bella, a flower girl whom he secretly admires.

When it comes to his attention that Bella has no more roses to sell, he decides to brave the dark forest in order to find her one. The only problem, is that the forest is inhabited by a grumpy creature known as the Grumpface, and this creature is not known for his kindness to lost travellers.

It doesn’t take long before our poor hero is confronted by the Grumpface who quickly challenges the young inventor to three tasks. If he is able to pass even a single challenge, he will be freed, if not, he will remain forever in the forest.

So, you may have noticed that the story is a bit of a fairy-tale. I know. Does the world need more fairy-tales? I should hope so. Reality is becoming a little depressing of late. In fact, this is perhaps one of the biggest reasons I undertook this journey now.

I think children and adults alike need to be reminded that negative circumstances in our life can be met with either grumpiness or determination to make things right. With determination and hope we can embark on the most impossible of journeys. And with a bit of imagination, we can confidently seek out our own happily-ever-after.

Yet this exciting expedition will not begin until the sun rises tomorrow. For now, I am content to sit here and let the crackling of the flames lure me to sleep. It has been some work to get here, but the hardest part is still to come.

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