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The First Expedition



This expedition has taken far longer than I could have imagined. The wild lands are indeed vast and dangerous. Yet in this time I have explored the mines of hard work, excavated the ruins of past mistakes, discovered small hamlets of good ideas, and been on some amazing adventures through the breathtaking landscapes of literary criticism.

From time to time, I have crossed paths with traveling merchants keen to sell their wares. At other times, I have sought out vendors whose names are whispered among the more experienced travellers. They all have unique expertise and are often willing to share their knowledge and services – for a price.  Yet, that which they offer is indispensable. No traveller in these lands could safely navigate the dangers here without proper editing, illustrating, designing, printing, distributing and marketing. Sure, some might get lucky once or twice, but for those who make a home in these lands, knowledge and the right equipment can make all the difference.

The high point of this expedition has been the publication of my new children’s picture book. The Grumpface has been met positively, which of course has been a relief. A lot of work has gone into making this fairy tale an enjoyable one, and it is great to see children and adults alike respond to the book with enthusiasm. It overwhelmingly makes the expedition worthwhile.

For now though, I must return to my base-camp. One year is a long time to commit to an adventure. I will return with greater knowledge, more acquaintances, and improved skill. There will no doubt be many more expeditions to come, and next time, I intend to explore a little further.

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