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Well, here we are. Standing on the precipice of new beginnings and looking out over the vast landscape of uncertainty. To say that the journey to this point has been interesting would be an understatement. Nevertheless, this very precipice has been a goal for some time now. And… well, here we are.

My decision to write has not been clouded by illusion. The warnings oft’ given by those of the literary craft have been heeded. So I know that this new journey may be long and arduous. I know that putting pen to paper is only half the battle (and perhaps even less than this). I know that my decent into the dark valley’s of fiction will not assure the inevitable ascent to literary success.

So why then have I maintained this goal?

Why set out on any adventure?

As someone who has written tales for as long as they could read, this is perhaps a very expected journey. I guess my embarkation began about the age of three, and though I have explored countless side-roads from that day to this, the focus of my passage has never changed.

And, so here we are. On the threshold of a brand new chapter. Having put pen to paper for this very first journal entry and having prepared for the exciting journey ahead.

There is now only one thing left to do – begin.

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