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So right now I am standing at a crossroad of sorts. The two paths that lead from here both appear to be well worn, although the way to my right is certainly wider.

The name of this path is Independence. This is the path for writers who wish to take control of the publishing process. It is for the artisans, perfectionists and rebels. Yet this is also the path of the rogue. Those who see writing as an easy endeavour and are seeking the quickest passage to fortune and glory.

The name of the path to my left is Authority. This is the path for those who seek to align themselves with the governors and gatekeepers of the Five Kingdoms. There is a law in these lands, and sojourners who do not respect it are looked upon with disfavour. This path had for a long time been the only one, yet the winds of change have seen a second that stretches well into the wild lands. It is well known that there are many gateways on the left path. Although rumour has it, the strict requirements for entry tend to ease as the traveller becomes known among the kingdoms.

The way that I should turn is not an easy matter. Both paths have their own benefits and dangers. The way to my right appeals to the perfectionist in me. It promises greater difficulty, but this is not necessarily a bad thing – for what is an adventure without hardship? The way to my left however, can offer stability and respect to those who persevere.

I think in the end, I am enticed by the challenge the right path calls forth. It is the way of the mercenary rather than the soldier. It is the path of the adventurer rather than the villager. Subject to no one and master of one. It is a journey with an unknown destination, but filled with countless possibilities.

In the end – if this was a work of fiction, there is no doubt the protagonist would take the path to the right. And so must I.

Now, bring on that inevitable crisis!

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